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”Looking onto turquoise waters of the bay with vistas of blue headlands receding into the distance, Agua Amarga is a quaint fishing village in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park”

Swedish lawyer Lennart Tengroth arrived in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park in 1999, looking for an unspoilt, seaside retreat with a sunny Mediterranean climate.

He was amazed to find a pristine natural park on the Spanish mainland only some 30 minutes from an international airport – an unspoilt natural reserve with the highest number of sunshine hours in Europe, spectacular mountains and valleys and a shoreline of some 40 km with wonderful coves, virgin beaches and crystal-clear waters.

He was equally amazed to find Agua Amarga; a quaint, whitewashed fishing village by the sea, naturally framed and secluded by the surrounding mountains, with a pristine sandy beach, not a single high rise building in sight and the feeling of stepping some 50 years back in time.

Lennart fell in love with it all and in 2001 he and his family moved into the beach house of the dreams on the western hillside of the village. Although he was not aware at the time, the first step towards the creation of the resort Real Agua Amarga was taken.

Real La Joya


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